Items Needed to Apply for a Loan

Items To Bring When Applying For A Real Estate Loan



     1.  Picture ID with proof of Social Security Numbers.


     2.  Residence addresses for past 2 years.


     3.  Names and addresses of employer(s) for the past 2 years


     4.  Gross monthly salary (list overtime and bonus separately)


     5.  Names, addresses, account numbers, and balances of

          all checking and savings accounts


      6.  Bank statements for the last 2 months


      7.  Names, addresses, account numbers, balances and monthly

           payments of all open loans


      8.  Names, account numbers, balances and monthly payments of

           all credit cards


      9.  Addresses and loan information for any other real estate



      10.  VA loans only – Certificate of Eligibility and/or DD214


      11.  A check for credit report and appraisal


      12.  W2's for past 2 years and current check stub


      13.  Full divorce decree, if applicable



The following three pages provide a place for you to collect and organize this information.  I encourage you to use them, even though you will still need to take all the original documents with you when you apply for your loan.  Using these pages to collect and organize your information, often serves as a reminder to help you avoid return trips to your lender with this document or that.



Thoughts On Obtaining A Loan


1.      You have the right to choose your lender – it may take some time, but shop around for the best rates.


2.      Mortgage brokers can often do better for you and/or be more flexible than banks – banks have only one source of funds, while a broker may have 50 to 100 or more sources available, each with different rates and requirements.


3.      Interest rates can be negotiable.  Ask how the “rate lock-in period” affects your interest rate.  Also, ask to see the “rate sheet” for your loan and have the lender explain it to you.


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